Member of the ADA Art Law Association

My ideals have led me to be part of the ADA Association of Art Law, a non-profit organization aimed at the professional world of international art, with special attention to Spain and Latin America. Its aim is to provide education on the professional, legal and business aspects of the art world. To achieve its objective, ADA serves as a platform for debate and study and analysis for a network of professionals and legal advisers in the art market with a clear international vision.

ADA pursues the fulfillment of its objectives through the regular organization of events such as conferences, seminars and workshops that promote dialogue on topics of interest in the art sector.

ADA pays particular attention to Art Law as a transversal and multidisciplinary legal specialty, to build bridges between professionals and serve the needs of the art market.

In addition, ADA publishes a newsletter available to its members, in order to keep up to date with the main legal and professional developments in the art world from both a national and international perspective.

ADA is open to professional art market advisers and everyone working in the arts and cultural heritage sector, including artists, dealers, galleries, auction houses, art consultants, curators, museum managers, etc.

Sara Sanz is a lawyer who represents artists and who promotes and collects original paintings in Spain.

In 2019, she created her Blog The Biombo to communicate the news of Contemporary Art and Interior Design. In 2020, it promotes the first solo exhibition of the artist Héctor Lara in Valladolid.

Sara has a Law Degree from the University of Valladolid, studying her last year at the Université Jean Moulin III in Lyon (France). She specializes in Administrative Law and is currently a member of the ADA Art Law Association.

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