Every year I collaborate with a different artist, to whom I commission the production of an artwork that is a reflection of my blog The Biombo.

In 2016, The Biombo Art Collection begins with “El Biombo” by Óscar González and its is extended annually with “La Musa” by Dani Mayo in 2017, “El Cerebrazón” by Ilustrando Art in 2018, “Viendo más allá” by Luz de la Calle in 2019 and “Will he ever call” by Koketit in 2020.

Sara Sanz introduces the artist HÉCTOR LARA to art galleries interested in the exhibition and sale of his artworks and/or in the organization of artistic activities with him:

  • 3D
  • Portraits
  • Sculptures
  • Videoart
  • Graffiti

Instagram: @hectorlara_official